Colour Trends for 2021 – What’s Hot, What’s Not, and What’s Rot

Are you looking to update your property for the summer? If you’re thinking of selling, it’s often a great time to add some on-trend touches to appeal to a broader spectrum of the market. Use these seasonal ideas for summer inspiration.

Ask the experts

Pantone are colour experts. Twice a year, the Pantone institute and others from the colour standards group meet to debate the upcoming season. Themes and trends are influenced by this across industries such as fashion houses, catwalk shows, beauty, tech, and of course, interiors.

Summer colours

This year’s summer palettes come from the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Polyester System. This means you can build a colour scheme with these mix and match options. There is a range of colours but no blues. The deep red, named Winery, provides a warmth and strength. If you prefer pinks, you’re in luck. Pink Suede, Little Piglet, Fairy Wing, Boudoir Red, and Siesta are all pinky shades. Add splashes of brightness with Lemon Fizz, Iced Mango, or Lime Zest.

Magnolia’s out

It’s been a long time since magnolia was the most popular neutral shade. This summer, if you need a white but don’t want that clinical feel it can sometimes deliver, there are a couple of options. Choose from a creamy Meringue or a grey-esque Silence, from the Intoxicating palette.

If you’d like an independent opinion on how to implement these summer shades in your home, get in touch on 01608 695252 for a free, no-obligation chat.

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