Easy Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Getting outside in the summer sunshine is one of the loveliest times to be in the UK. If you’ve got your own outdoor space, use one or more of these ideas to make the most of it. This is really important to do if you’re selling your home as it helps buyers picture themselves enjoying the space, too. 

Starting blocks

The best place to start is at the front of your property. Add window boxes or a hanging basket. This pop of colour makes the place look extra loved and cared for. Get rid of any weeds for that finished look. If you’ve got bins out the front, why not make a little screen or cover for them? You can then add plants or climbers around them for extra design points. 

Entertaining space

Your outdoor area can become an extra room to enjoy time with family or friends. You could make furniture from free pallets – it doesn’t have to be expensive. Or, you could splash out and add a firepit or chiminea focal point. Introduce colourful accessories, like cushions, blankets, even an outdoor rug for extra comfort in the evenings. 

Look after the bees

With climate change at the front of many people’s minds, it’s worth considering drought-proof plants. Species like lavender are great for coping in warm weather without too much water. They are also brilliant for attracting pollinators, like bumblebees. Others to consider are coneflowers, lantana, salvia, Russian sage, and the California poppy.

If you’re stuck and would like a second opinion about your outdoor space, just get in touch with our team at Distinct.

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