How to Make a Home Move Enjoyable for Your Little Ones

Moving home can be a challenging time for all involved.

Children and teenagers can find upping sticks to a new home exciting.

But they can also see it as a daunting prospect. Below are seven ways you can make your big move more fun and less stressful for your little (and not so little) people.

  • Involve your children as much as possible and make them aware of every aspect of the move (apart from conveyancing, that’ll bore them to tears).
  • Ask your children to help declutter and decide what goes to the charity shop.
  • Highlight the plus points of your new home. More space in the garden, a playroom, near a great park, whatever the positive aspects are, make the kids aware of them.
  • Get creative and ask the kids to decorate your moving boxes (don’t forget to label which boxes go where, e.g., dining room, bedroom one, etc.).
  • Listen with love. Moving is a life-changing experience so take the time to talk with your children and listen to their feelings around going to a new home.
  • It’s a clever idea to have childcare available on the day of the move, especially if you have younger children.
  • Ask your children to unpack their stuff in their new rooms and decide what goes where. This helps them feel the room is really theirs.

These are just a small selection of some of the tips we have around moving home. For more expert advice on any aspect of moving home, contact us today.

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