Make Your Rental Property Spill, Pet, and Child-Proof!

Rental properties endure daily wear and tear, from scuffed walls to dirty floors. But there are ways to safeguard your property against life’s little mishaps. Here are our top tips for spill, pet, and child-proofing your rental property.



Choose paint that is wipeable and resistant to scuffs. 


The higher the sheen of paint, the tougher the finish tends to be, although manufacturers are increasing the number of shades available in a resilient matt finish.


A limewash finish is great for high-traffic areas. The natural lines are great for masking scuffs.



Solid wood cupboards are often the most cost-effective option, tend to be better quality, and therefore will last longer than the alternatives.


Darker coloured units are better for hiding stains and marks.


Easy to wipe handles are a better choice than highly decorative ones as they are easier to clean sticky fingerprints and grease off of.


Avoid having wooden floors in the kitchen as they absorb grease and moisture. Tile or stone floors are much easier to keep clean.



“Buy once, cry once” is a “term to describe the purchasing of an expensive item of excellent quality [that] owing to its craftsmanship and durability will only have to [be purchased] once”. 


Savings can be made in the bathroom by buying second hand sinks and baths or re-enamelling old ones, but buying good quality taps is always a wise investment to ensure that they don’t break easily.


Vintage furniture can be easily repurposed into vanity units, and waterproof MDF is a cost-effective and less easily broken alternative to tiles.




Avoid sisal and loop pile carpets with cats as they will be tempted to scratch them causing pulled threads. Vinyl or laminate floors are scratch-resistant.


Recommend rugs to tenants that can be popped in the washing machine are a great way of keeping on top of muddy pawprints.


Learn from Hotels

Take design inspiration from hotels. The decor is always designed to withstand wear and tear. For example, synthetic sisal mimics the real thing but is more robust.


Consider wooden floors with a band-sawn finish for a forgiving look.


Half-height panelling painted with gloss paint provides both glamour and durability.


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