Navigating the UK Rental Market in July: Tips for Tenants and Landlords

July brings opportunities and challenges for everyone involved in the rental market. Following our tips can help you to ensure that you are ready to both take advantage of the opportunities and tackle the challenges.




Start Early

If you would like to move during the summer then make sure that you start looking early and ensure you are prepared. The summer season is a popular time for moving so it is essential for you to start your search early. Begin researching available properties and contact letting agents or landlords straight away. Being prepared with necessary documents such as proof of income, references, and  ID will help you to secure the rental home that you would like quickly.



Evaluate your financial situation and determine your realistic budget for rent. Don’t forget to include expenses like utility bills, council tax, and any service charges. Being clear about your budget will help you to save time by focusing only on properties within your price range.


Be Flexible

July can be a busy time for both tenants and landlords. Being flexible with your move-in dates can increase your chances of securing the rental property you would like. Work together with your new landlord or letting agents to find a move-in date that works for both of you.





Take advantage of the spike in rental demand over the summer by ensuring that your property is being correctly marketed. Make sure that it is being advertised through a variety of online platforms and media and that high-quality photographs are being used which highlight its best features.Consider working with a professional letting agent who can effectively promote your property to potential tenants.



Ensure your property is well-maintained and in good condition. Carry out any necessary repairs, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned, and consider updating it if it is starting to look a little bit tired. A well-presented property will attract high quality tenants and potentially command a higher rent.


Be Competitive

Research the rental market in your area and ensure that your rental rate is competitive. Pricing your property appropriately will attract tenants and minimise rental voids. Consider factors such as location, amenities, and condition when determining the rent. Keep in mind that a fair and reasonable rate will help you to attract long-term, reliable tenants.


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