Should you refurbish your home before selling?

One of the most common questions we get asked by people thinking of selling their home is should they ‘do it up’ before putting it up for sale.

It’s a dilemma many home sellers wrestle with, and to be honest, there is no absolute right or wrong answer.

It depends on several factors but below we’ve shared our advice for people in this ‘refurb’ or ‘remain the same’ position.

  • The current market – In a busy property market like the one we’re experiencing now, you can usually get away with a few fixing up issues as buyers are so keen to move. Remain.
  • Safety matters – If the work that needs doing is linked to safety, i.e., electrical cabling or trip/fall hazards, get it done before selling. Refurb.
  • Lighten up – A fresh lick of paint that costs a couple of hundred pounds can add thousands to a property’s perceived value. Refurb.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms – Depending on your circumstances, it may not be worth replacing dated kitchens and bathrooms. Sure, it helps if they look modern, but it’s usually not a deal-breaker if the condition of these rooms is reflected in the asking price. Remain.

Many buyers will want to put their stamp on a home. This means that certain pre-sale refurbishments could end up as wasted money.

A simple but powerful tip is ensuring the property looks clean and smells fresh.

However, your best bet is to give us a call to have a chat about any of the above, and we can share a few techniques proven to help sell a property for its best possible price.

Thanks for reading.

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